It’s getting hot in here…

Temperatures have reached the 90s this week. Great pool weather! Which reminds me I need to get an updated pic of the pool to send you. We really like our little arrangement. H said he sits at works and dreams about being in the pool.

The flowers are coming along, a bit too slowly for my taste…


It always takes me forever to get things planted. Still, some things need heat before they will grow. I think the zinnias like heat, as the new seed I scattered seems to be coming up nicely, whereas the early seed I planted barely came up at all. One of my zinnias is blooming in the backyard. I cast a bunch of seed there when it was cold and rainy weather, but only two or three came up! The sunflowers are also looking good, nice and healthy. Lucky for me, the ducks aren’t interested in eating those. They’re coming up all over the yard and doing just fine.

Last week I made it to the local thrift store. I almost always find such nice things there. This is a 100% cotton scarf from Pakistan, I think.


It’s not really a color I would normally go for, but the fabric is a nice soft weave and I plan to dye it.

I love finding the old linens with fancy stitching. Here’s a tatted doily…


I think this is a valance…


The lace detail on this valance is just gorgeous…



My feeling is this is all done by hand, but I suppose it could be machine made.

I got three of these…


I think they must be napkins. Just gorgeous lacy patterns.

I paid about $7 for all those items, plus a goldenrod-yellow tablecloth I think I will be able to dye.

I’ve nearly stitched the entire roll of Petite Chemin that I began recently. Here is some of the latest and updated stitching…






It’s a story, isn’t it. The stitching takes you on a little journey.

I’ve been enjoying a wind chime we bought at Costco last week. I’ve wanted a wind chime like this for ages.


It’s a tuned harmonic wind chime and is so relaxing to listen to.

I was hoping to include audio here that I recorded this morning, but it looks like I would have to upgrade my plan in order to do it. I’m not quite ready to pay for a blog yet, but maybe soon.

Please consider signing up for my giveaway to celebrate my birthday this month, as well as my reaching 100 posts published here on June Wildflower.




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