Aging and honesty…

Jude was talking recently about how she is aging, how she sees it.

I am on the tail end of my 40s, which is really hard for me to believe. There’s a birthday this month.


My 40s were where I really started noticing how I was aging, although a lot of things started going off when I was 35.


I have corrected some of those things with supplements, diet and exercise, but it’s the aging thing, my face aging that gets me lately. Not being pretty any more…that’s a tough one for me.


I’ve managed to lose some weight over the past couple of months which helps things, has thinned down my wide face. But before that, and even still despite that, one morning I looked in the mirror and realized the broadening and widening of my face, the smallness and light blueness of my eyes…was me becoming more like my grandfather. Of all people to resemble. I had never seen it before.


The wrinkles, plain hair, no makeup, weird spots that weren’t there when I was younger…I’ve always thought it a very brave and honest thing to post a public photo of one’s self, just how you are. Here it is. That’s me. Even the camera makes things different. This is not the way I saw myself this morning. My own vision was more kind than that of the camera. Perhaps it’s true that we see what we want to see?

Anyway, these little ones are aging too, growing up so fast.





It’s past time for us to say goodbye, and yet they are still here. It’s agonizing thinking of taking them to the shelter, as I know they are so happy here with their mommies and siblings. But so far we haven’t had any interest from good homes, just a couple offers to turn them into discarded barn cats.

Sometimes it annoys me that dogs fetch a price while kittens must be given away for free. Cats are such a gift. All animals are work, but cats, to me, are just as wonderful as dogs, maybe more so in many ways. I’m also annoyed that people seem drawn to vaccinated animals. The sickest pets I have known in my life were ones whose owners kept them updated on shots and treated them with pills. Why don’t the majority of others see that?

Anyway, I am tired today. I was up for a couple hours in the night again. That is so tiring. Another symptom of aging? I don’t know. I feel so much better when I sleep straight through. There was also a storm, so I won’t have to water today, thankfully.

Because of the storm and the warmer temperatures it is incredibly humid and hot out. I really need to dig potatoes and plant okra today…as it’s very late in the game to be planting okra. I have to do it now if I want to harvest any…

I hope you have a pleasant day.










2 Comments Add yours

  1. jude says:

    it would be easier if we were covered with fur! oh ha…

    1. June Wildflower says:

      wahhh??? 😉

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