The perfect swim…

Last night, after temps reached 95 degrees and it was cooling down, H and I chilled out in the pool.

Finally, after days of the wind blowing like crazy, there was no wind, just a gentle breeze, and the water temperature was finally perfect, no longer chilly. I was in there for 2 hours! It was the perfect swim. Hopefully we can repeat that tonight.


Today I’m going to try to make myself dig potatoes and plant okra. It’s much later than I would like for okra planting. Part of the reason I have put it off even longer is the kittens. They are playing on that side of the house where I need to plant the okra and they would easily trample any starts that came up.

The plan, however, is for the kittens to go to the shelter tomorrow. I am dreading it. I’m not so attached to them that I will be heartbroken for long…although I would, honestly, keep them all if I could. I am more heartbroken for Noodle and Olive. They are good mommies and love their kitties. They all have a good time together playing in the back yard. I’ve been talking to them psychically, trying to prepare them for this day. I hope it has helped. Both girls have been trying to wean their babies, so hopefully that will also help with the letting go process, as they, too, recognize it’s time to let go. Plus, we’ve been told our chance for getting the girls fixed is coming up soon, and they can’t be nursing at that time. I did post that the kittens were available in four different places on FB, but so far there’s no interest. Most of the people we have asked are full-up for kittens.


I stopped by the thrift store this morning. I actually made a donation of junk I wanted to get rid of…nice junk, but stuff I didn’t want or need. And then I spent $15! Found some yarn for another giant doily, a beautiful cream sating skirt with velvet border (for fabric, of course), some water bowls for the cats, a cute little planter I’m going to put my mom’s winter cactus starts in, and a roll of red velvet fabric. I better get busy.


I haven’t felt like doing much this week. I have felt very draggy, suffering from allergies for really the first time this year. I take milk thistle which really helps the symptoms, so I have had to up my dosage. I do see a difference. However, with all the rain, the wheat harvest, copious poison spraying on crops, and the heat of summer hitting, I think all the toxins in the air have been on overload. It really astounds me how poison-filled our environment is, and how the majority of people view this as necessary and normal.

A good example of this is our pool. This is the second year we’ve had a salt water system. We did this because it creates chlorine naturally from salt. (Our bodies actually create a natural chlorine as a function of our immune systems…did you know that?) H was talking to a guy last week who sells pool chemicals and the guy kept insisting we needed algaecide and other chemicals to keep our water looking good. Those chemicals are absolutely unnecessary in a salt water pool. And there you have the reason for so many poisonous chemicals in our environment…the push behind it is someone trying to make money!


I’m working on a little house for this piece that’s been sitting around. I wasn’t sure what it wanted or how to finish it.


The weekend is approaching. There may be more food truck tacos in my future.








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chip says:

    I am loving your little path creations. What a fun way to be creative with needle and thread…and you surely are doing that (being creative). I am sad that the kittens are having to go….

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thank you, I am really loving them, too. I was going to cut them up and use them elsewhere, but they’ve turned into a kind of stitch diary, something I can refer back to for inspiration.
      Yes…the kittens are going in a day or two. They’ve had another reprieve, as the shelter did not have room. They are getting so big…

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