The storm, the escape and the first flower…

Last night we had a big storm come through. We took down the pool cover as a precaution against the 75 mph winds. We didn’t want to risk the cover being torn to shreds. Consequently, there’s a lot of junk in the pool that I should be out cleaning. But today I’d rather play with fabric…


The begonia flowers I added to a bundle made a little bit of an effect on this mystery fabric, a tablecloth I picked up at the thrift store this week. A few pennies made their mark. But when I got out this rusty homemade dye…as recommended by Jude…and started painting with it, that’s when the magic happened.


I just read over her instructions and saw I needed to dilute this. Ooops. I just used it straight. Will dilute next time.

I bought this old trivet at the thrift store over winter. I thought it would make nice designs on fabric if I could paint it with something. It does…


The fabric was fairly wet, so I found the less dye I used on the surface of the trivet, the more definition and less spreading I got…


I even tried a self portrait based on the photo I took the other day…


The dye, which turned blue against this cloth, bled quite a bit. Still, it was fun.

I did try the dye on lightly damp cloth, but nothing much happened. These cloths were put in with walnut and tea bags, and with salt and alum as mordant. I think the mordant makes a difference.


H wants to go to Wichita today. We have some things to do there. I keep thinking of going back to Taco Town. Last weekend I got some good pictures of some really lovely murals there…




I’m not exactly sure what the message is here, but it’s something about having a constitution and the people’s rights…apparently that they are being trampled upon.

Day of the Dead…


Eso es mi favorito.


In the garden, things are growing, growing…and there is the first zinnia. I’m so happy to see it…


And Rouge Vif D’Etampe squash progress…


I’ve stuck a few more things in the dye pot, just to see what happens. I took this shot, just because it was pretty…


How is it that Olive and Noodle are more bothersome than the four kittens combined? They are constantly under my feet, refusing to budge. It’s annoying. Last night Noodle finally came in after the worst of the storm, drenched, so I put her in the back room with the babies. Olive wanted in the back. I figured they could spend the night with the babies…WRONG. I went to let them out this morning and the big girls were gone, just the kittens were there. I couldn’t figure out where they were, or how H had managed to let them out before going to work. Then I saw this…


…an escape route! I have to leave the back door open to keep it cool in this room. There was a tiny hole in the screen. Now it’s cat-sized.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.










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