Another short one…

I’ve been busy upstairs today.



I was initially going to vacuum the floor and straighten up from when the cats were in the spare bedroom. I ended up completely redoing the room. I’m really happy with it.


If you can’t tell, it’s my new therapy room. I used to do massage therapy, but now I’m in a completely different modality, something from which I have gained enormous benefit, personally. The modality is based on Australian Aboriginal lore which recognizes the Spirit in everything.


With all my handmade, thrift store and left over belly dance items, the room’s décor came together quickly. I’m so happy with it.

Friday I’m leaving for a few days, headed back to Texas again for more practice in my new modality. I will try to post tomorrow, but this could be it for the week.

Some further Petite Chemin stitching…


This approach, working on small pieces, like a path, has boosted my creativity, got me thinking in different ways.


Working small makes me feel more comfortable with experimenting…


Still trying to keep things simple, though…simple stitches…


I’ve got a pile of things I’ve dyed over the past week…


Walnut, a bit of tea and some acrylic paint. I’m especially in love with the turquoise painted bits. I used kindof a color wash on a trivet I bought at the thrift store with the intention of using it for printing on fabric.


It’s the only bottle of acrylic paint I have in the house, and it worked beautifully on this yellow fabric.

This is the bottom of a candle holder…looks like stars…


…or flowers.

Happy Wednesday.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    An interesting path you are embarking on! Love the turquoise paint marks.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thanks, I do too!

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