A visit to a gallery…

H and I went to City Arts in Wichita last week, which has some nice galleries. I wasn’t going to post today, but remembered last night I had these photos and wanted to share…

The main reason I wanted to go was to see two fabric and thread-related shows, one by Chiyoko Myose and Ande Hall.


I will just post the photos and let you read, if interested.

This was a hands-on exhibit where you could tie on a thread of your own…


H and I chose the same kind of thread from a big pile!


I really enjoyed Myose’s words on travel and place. I could definitely relate…


And her Iridescence pieces were lovely…



I really liked this installation. Because so many of these were big and it was an open floor and it was thread and fabric…I thought it was touchable and couldn’t resist gently touching to see how it had been put together. Later, a woman who works there was speaking to another viewer and looked pointedly at me when she said the interactive thread-tying display was the only touchable item. Ooops! Oh, well, what’s the point of fabric and thread art if you can’t touch it?

This one’s called Gift




Ande Hall paints the most gorgeous animals onto fabric. I really admired her technique. By covering the fabric with different colored paint it kept the design, but totally changed it at the same time. I was really impressed with her work. This is the painting the gallery used for their program. Such a great choice…






Such talent.

It is my goal, and has been for a while now, to have enough disposable income to buy art. I’m going to work on manifesting that.

Have a lovely weekend. This is all from me until probably Tuesday.













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