Not much, just a little…

I’m getting back in the swing of things here.

Monday was spent driving home. Tuesday I mainly rested.

I didn’t bother taking any sewing projects with me, as during those practices I rarely have time for anything else. The amount and type of work we do can be exhausting, so most days I fall into bed pretty early.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make something a little different…


I saw the cutest little basket in a picture posted by Grace on Windthread.

It inspired me to make this one…


Mine’s not nearly so nice, but I like it well enough. I used silk sari yarn wrapped around two lengths of sating curtain cording that I’ve had for ages.

Basket making is not my forte’ and it’s been a while since I made one. I had forgotten how tedious and time-consuming they can be, not to mention how wearing it is pulling a needle through all those thicknesses. This little thing took me all day yesterday and a bit of this morning to finish. I’m glad to have it, though. Maybe it will be a little thread-catcher…


I also found more inspiration on Jude’s page the other day. A simple little cloth, just three pieces of fabric stitched together. The simplicity appeals to me, just letting things be as they are, allowing the beauty of a cloth to come forward and speak of itself.

So, I’m putting together this…


It’s not much, just a little.

Texas went fine, a bit smoother in some ways than the last two trips, which is ok with me. We ate dinner together at a fairly authentic Mexican restaurant we like and it started pouring rain, so much rain the parking lot looked like a pond. I ran outside when I saw this…


I hope you’re having a lovely week.










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