Moon Flowers and reflections…

It has been a lovely extended weekend.

H has been home for four days. We really needed a break. He needed a break from the job. I needed a break from being alone.

I got a nice bit of sewing done. Moon Flowers has come along…


I’ve gotten some good movie watching in, too. I’ve found some nice films on Amazon Prime which we get through H’s job. It’s a nice perk.

I finished the kantha stitching today…


I’ve watched three movies I liked a lot. The first was 20th Century Women starring Annette Benning and Elle Fanning. It was hard to see Annette Benning looking so much older in this film set in 1979, although she is still quite fabulous. I really like her film choices, as she has portrayed strong women in a number of films, one of my favorites was Being Julia. I highly recommend it.

I also really like Elle Fanning. I have never understood the appeal of her sister, Dakota, as a film starlet…Elle is infinitely more interesting to me, not to mention a far better actress, in my humble opinion. From what I’ve seen from her so far, Elle also makes very interesting film choices. I remember her most from The Door in the Floor. A very intriguing, edgy movie also starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger.

I so like the movement kantha gives to cloth…


The second film was Leonie, starring British actress (playing an American) Emily Mortimer. It’s about an artist and her children, moving back and forth between Japan and the States. It was very engaging and beautifully filmed…turn of the century costuming, parasols, Japanese dress…lovely…

Also, the name, Leonie, it reminded me of my maternal grandmother whose name was Leona. Her nickname was “Onie.” If there was ever a chance for me to have a girl, I think I’d name her Leona and call her Leonie.

I’m fond of this patch…


The third film, Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, was based on a Tennessee William’s work. A bit heavy and full of feeling as you might imagine. I liked it a lot. More beautiful costuming, a well-done tale and a gorgeous leading man to boot.

Found this pretty little nested basket set of 5 at the thrift store Saturday…


They still have the original stickers on them…


The smallest…perfect for holding earrings and bedside whatnots, it’s upstairs in the therapy room.


My hand made basket has a place there, too…at least for now…


Speaking of baskets, I broke part of the handle of my new blue basket trying to kill a small spider. How stupid and impulsive of me. I still can’t believe I did that. I generally pick up the spiders and put them outside. Lesson learned.

I reflected today on what it means to be an artist. I remembered times of creative brilliance I’ve had in my life, usually going back to childhood. It was at those times there the creative flow came from within me and was expressed in wonderful ways externally. Ideas which came from within and flowed outward easily and with results that thrilled me. It is my goal to get back to that place, to remember what it feels like, so I can repeat the experience.

I hope you’re having an enjoyable holiday. The bombs here seem to have stopped momentarily…













2 Comments Add yours

  1. yes to the Moon Flowers…and isn’t it just so good, the feel of
    the cloth with the kantha?

    1. June Wildflower says:

      It IS a very nice feel 🙂

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