Last week I got started on a sewing room overhaul.

The sewing machine has been moved to this corner, rather than have it in the middle of the room like it was.

And, look! I found my color wheel…it’s been MIA for some time…


Maybe by showing you more of the mess it will inspire me to tackle the rest?

This area is on the to-do list today. The table and chair where I sit to work, and the stacks of bins and baskets behind it. A lot of these have been moved over from the other side of the room…


H has been up there to visit while I was working. He can never refrain from commenting on how much “stuff” I have. It’s one of the reasons I dislike him being there. I don’t need a reminder…or the snorts of amusement and disbelief.

The little work table – currently buried under said “stuff” – is now against the wall.

Hey, look! Some floor space!


Once upon a time, I had a nice, neat craft room. That was two houses ago. Having been in this house nearly 3 years and looking back, I understand many of the reasons I never took this space seriously. The main reason was anticipating another move. We never intended to stay here long term. We aimed at one year, max. Yet, here we are.

I feel my biggest challenge is how to arrange my fabrics so they are contained, yet still have access to them, still can see them. This “method” of piles and baskets really isn’t working for me. Part of this challenge is not having yet found my voice with cloth and not knowing what, exactly, I want to work with. Another part of the challenge is wanting to use what I have – a lot of quilting fabrics and beautiful synthetics – while incorporating and transitioning to more natural fiber fabrics. I realize this can take some time.

This corner is already different. Over the long weekend I set up a corner table that one of the owners of this house had used in the office. It had been relegated to the garage. But the rest is mostly the same, for now.


I also have a pub table and chairs that might make it up here if we find a good replacement for the kitchen. We are finding we are a bit too old for sitting on higher up chairs.

I have also set up another white board on the door next to this one…


I’ll take more photos once a real difference can be seen. There are obvious changes now, but it’s still a mess.

Part of my task will be reclaiming some of the tubs I used for the duckies in their youth. Speaking of the duckies, they are nearly grown up now. They will be officially grown up once the girls start laying eggs, which should be any day now. At the moment, they are in their large swimming pool. Unbeknownst to them, I penned them up in that space while they were swimming. I don’t know if they yet realize they are confined. I had to do it. They were destroying my garden. They are too big to let roam freely any more. This week they’ve been on a flower kick. Having eaten every single blossom off my cantaloupe plant yesterday, today they were after my zinnias and marigolds and were quickly onto the cantaloupe vines. If I had allowed them to stay, they surely would have finished off the vines. When I first went out I had to pick Yoyo out of the north side fence which has been protecting my zinnias. The girls were trying to join him. Of course they were.

Today, hopefully, H will acquire two hog panels for me so I can construct a proper enclosure for them. I think it will work just fine. Duckies can stay corralled and my garden can thrive unmolested. I really hope we can do this today, as I don’t expect that flimsy chicken wire to hold them for long.

Now, for a lovely interlude, here is the window treatment I have installed in my creative space. Isn’t it beautiful? I do consider this progress.


The old, worn crazy quilt I had there, which I dearly love, was just too tattered (and dark) to remain. It will be cut up at a later date for projects, once I find some inspiration and, hopefully, more of my own voice.

I purchased this tablecloth at a school administrative office-turned antique store in my last town. It was cream-colored (or maybe just old and dingy) and had a huge rust-colored stain. I paid $20 for it, which was a steal. I had intended to use it for something for belly dance, after I dyed it purple, but never got around to it.

I have always loved the detail on it…


I keep it tied back to let the light in during the day.

The largest amount of progress can be seen here, in this closet/storage area…


This closet is now home to all of my boxed and binned fabrics, yarns, patterns, etc… It’s really nice to have a place to put all these boxes, rather than in the actual sewing space where they really clogged it up. The only problem is not having instant access to their contents. I have to haul boxes every time I want to look for something. I’ll try to rearrange it better at a later date.


Well, that’s as far as my progress report goes today, although there is one other thing…

From now on my creative space is no longer the “craft” room or the “sewing” room. It’s my Studio.















4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy McG says:

    I am in the same “space” as you! All day today Reclaiming the Craft Room. I like your renaming of yours to “The Studio”. Very professional. I keep all my fabrics in large totes and labeled by color. I have 6 stacks of 5 high. I bought a padded flat furniture dolly on wheels for under each stack so I can manipulate them in and out of my closet when i need them. Next is burrito making for inside the totes so i dont have to dig deep to see what is at the bottom. Wish i had purchased clear ones but not even sure if they were available way back when. Actually have the craft table cleaned off because i need it next week for the garage sale. Next I tackle the garage!

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Wow, that does sound like a similar situation! I have thought about organizing by color, but don’t really want my natural fibers and synthetics together. Not sure how to approach this yet…waiting for that lightbulb moment!

  2. it’s true. there is the dilemma until you find yourself clear about what materials you will actually use. when i realized that i only wanted minimal commercial fabric (that i already had) and then muslin and then muslin dyed with plant matter and then deb Lacativa’s dye work which is recycled cotton and damask but dyed with her magic hand, ….these
    because they are what “tell the story”
    it all loosens and takes on a life of its own.

    and i’ve been wanting to ask…are your ducks mallards?

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Yes, I have felt that many times…the difference of cloth and which types are for what. When I was crazy quilting I collected a lot of synthetics because that’s the look I was going for, the velvets, satins, etc… I have had a lot of fun with the dyeing of fabrics, but still not sure which direction I am going in. Really wanting to use up much of what I have, just keep going and see what develops.

      I have Khaki Campbells. They are one of the best layers, great foragers, they love water. This breed was created by a British woman from mallards, rouens and Indian runners. Are you considering ducks? Look into Muscovy ducks…they eat poison ivy, so I’ve read.

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