A quilt story…

The past few times I visited the local thrift store I made it a point to keep my eye out for old quilts.

I really admire Mandy Patullo’s work and thought it might be fun to try some things using old quilt blocks. I quickly spotted this quilt top on my last trip…


Hand stitched, old cotton…


The price on the package was $7…or so I thought…I really didn’t think twice.


The prints are varied and delightful…


When I took it to the register and the cashier pressed the packaging back so she could read the sticker, imagine my surprise when I saw it read $2!!! Yes, TWO DOLLARS, not $7. At $7 it was a super steal.


When I got home and spread the quilt out, I found another tag that read $30. I realized that must be the real price of this lovely, lovely piece of quilt art.


I called the store, spoke with the cashier who rang up my purchases and explained the mistake, told her I would be in next week to pay the $28 I owed.


However, she explained I really had paid the real price of $2, and it was a case of what I had discovered previously. Sometimes they get donations like these that have price tags from other stores, like the antique store sticker I found on a piece of old embroidered linen there recently. They don’t always bother removing them, she explained.


Yes, I got a really really good deal!


I have some ideas for working with the squares, which are actually quite large.


Out in the garden, things are growing quite well. I noticed a couple new residents this weekend. Not sure what they are, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them before. I decided they were too interesting to feed to the ducks.











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