The happy cat…

I wish that title was about having found a new home for one of the kittens, but, alas, they are all still here.

There’s no room in the inn, so to speak. After making a number of attempts to take the kittens to the shelter, including a for-sure appointment last week, we were turned down again. They are full up for cats. So we are still a 10 cat family.

In other news, I am enjoying a sudden abundance of flowers. There are many more Velvet Queens in bloom…


I like that one. Not fully opened, but looks like it’s sleeping, or just bashful.

The nearby cosmos has begun putting on flowers. The one out front is still holding out!


The first cosmos bloom was actually tiny and pink, but it didn’t photograph well.

Here’s the portulaca (or purslane?) I kept alive all winter. A relative of moss rose. I don’t have any moss rose this year and am missing it…


A wider shot…and, yes, those are zinnias growing up out of the middle. I didn’t have the heart to weed them out. I love a good volunteer…


The zinnias always make me so happy. I am really enjoying this new trio out front…


And the volunteers among the tomatoes…gorgeous…


Here’s one more volunteer I didn’t have the heart to pluck. Why shouldn’t it grow among the pavers if it wants to?


As you can see, I haven’t weeded much of anything among the pavers. Always something else to do with all the cats, and the ducks and the bigger garden.

I just took my first dose in a long list of gaggy things I’m taking for a liver flush. It’s been years since I’ve done one and it seems I was overdue as I’ve been having some indications of an overwhelmed liver. Time to flush things out. Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I also haven’t eaten since noon, so now I’ve got the shakes. I really loathe fasting.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this Jude-inspired critter some more. I like this one. He looks like a happy cat…











2 Comments Add yours

  1. stichr says:

    This cat has a very fine mane. I love zinnia’s also, but never seem to get the seeds in early enough. Maybe I should start them with the tomatoes next winter. Or maybe it’s just our NW weather.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      I’m not sure what the trick is to zinnias. I had a hard time getting them going this year and would watch as volunteers came up in the yard, all over the place, except where I really wanted them. They do need a lot of water, it seems. Anyway, they certainly look their best when they have lots of water. 🙂

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