A missed day…

I didn’t get anything posted Friday because I was upstairs working on this…


I think it turned out really cute…


I think it’s quilter’s cotton. I got it to go with another fabric which I had intended to turn into a 25-yard belly dancing skirt. I’ll never make another of those skirts again. Too many gathers. If I ever take up dancing again, I will use the skirts I have or buy another.

Anyway, I ended up loving this fabric. Have I mentioned purple is my favorite color? It may be obvious at this point. Purple, then raspberries and corals.

The dress is based on this McCall’s pattern, meant to be a nightgown…


I discovered through the sewing and fitting process that the extra width I cut into it through the bodice was really not needed, or at least not that much was needed. The pattern was a medium. I cut it to at least XL. But, apparently, I’ve lost more weight than I thought and ended up cutting off nearly all the extra. I was happy for the extra around the hips, though.

I also added other details not included in the pattern, like the crossed straps, the bottom ruffle and elastic incased in the back straps to give it a bit more of a comfortable fit…


I also went the extra mile and added a little feminine detail…a lined bodice and satin ribbon edging. I’ve always loved women’s clothing that had some nice finishing touches, even if no one else could see them…


And now, I have more scraps!

I have some other fabrics I want to turn into dresses. I’m trying to use patterns I already have, rather than buying new ones. I have patterns I purchased years ago and have never used. And then I have patterns I got for free – like the one I used for this dress – when working at Hancock Fabrics more than 20 years ago that could be used. Surely something I already have would work.

I’m reading The Painted Kiss, a book about the relationship between Emilie Floge and Gustav Klimt, by Elizabeth Hickey. It’s full of stories about art, paintings, parties, fashion, drawings, art exhibitions, living a creative life…in Vienna beginning in 1886. I’ve actually been to Vienna, in January, which is crazy to think about now. I knew nothing about Klimt back then. If I ever go back to Vienna I will see it differently.

Anyway, the story is really good. I like the places it is taking me to.













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