Winding down…

Things are sort of winding down in the garden. The cucumbers are done, although the tomatoes and okra are still going.

This cosmos volunteer just began blooming. It is so gorgeous and the only one I’ve had of this color…

20170927_085754 I can’t remember if the cosmos was this color last year, but the others I’ve had blooming are white and light pink, and nearly done at this point.

All the blooms on this one seemed to open at once.


We had a huge rain for a couple days that cooled things off and temps have been in the 60s. I guess it’s officially fall.


The zinnias are still going and will go on until it freezes. Here’s the beginning of a new bloom…


I collected some things yesterday to try a quick dye project, but didn’t get around to it. I’ll head upstairs in a bit and try it. I’ve used morning glories in the past with some effect. You can see here how the color leached out of this wet blossom…


Half of the morning glory blooms changed color with the cooler weather…


New stitching in the End of Summer series…



A few more blanks…




More work on this one, but these are the latest photos…



I chased this butterfly around the front yard the other day and got quite a few nice shots of it. Not many butterflies left now that it’s a bit chilly. It was wonderful to have such a lovely visitor…














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