Where’d the dates go???

Suddenly the dates are gone from the tops of my posts on the main page. Is that yet another annoying new twist here on WordPress? Is there yet another virtual button I have to push now to get the dates back? Grrrr….

So, more photos from Saturday’s trip to Botanica in Wichita. I really liked the koi pond. Even had a big deja’ vu about it the next day…


I’ve done that all my life, dreamt about things and then they happen years later. In this one I was sitting looking at the koi when two women walked up from behind me talking about math. One asked the other if she could divide xyz number by .6 without a calculator…just like the dream, and too bizarre to be thought up.

The small fry…


At home in this lovely rock pond. I’d love one like this in the back yard…


Deja’ vu is really the past, something you’re seeing from the previous cycle of time. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Floribunda rose, in purple, no less! I wouldn’t mind these in the back yard, either…or the front!


“Prairie sunshine” also known as Slender-stem Bitterweed…


And the now tri-color morning glories here at home…


Remember this tablecloth? Begun last year and finally almost done. I’m finishing up the roses today.


My goal was to have it completed so my MIL could enjoy it for the holidays. Looks like I’ll just make it.














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