They’re Fired!

Buggar and Weanie…

two of the fattest, laziest cats ever…are FIRED!

They have allowed a mouse the run of the house for the past week. H and I were having breakfast this morning when said mouse came out to see what was going on, running all around the stove and our kitchen, right there in front of us! Hmmph!

Although Weanie had alerted me to the whereabouts of the mouse this week, basically pointing to the back of the fridge, more or less saying “hey, you’ve got something back there,” they’ve been too busy napping, munching on crunchy food and begging for fish and chicken to do anything about it.

Last month I told H it seemed to me that Buggar, the eldest and Weanie’s mom, had decided to retire. I totally called it.

I finally got some stitching done on the End of Summer series. I like this one so much…


A cosmos. I want to get a good quality camera so I can capture better photos.


This looks so much prettier in person.


We’re off to run errands. Enjoy your weekend!












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