Around we go…

I’m writing again from the dry lands of Kansas.


Winter is normally drought time for us, but this has been worse than normal.

Usually, I’m pretty good about watering the mums out front during winter, dumping water on them occasionally just to keep the roots going. But I completely spaced it this season. I’m wondering if anything will have survived. I think I watered once.

As you can see, I’ve been continuing work on the Xenobia Bailey-inspired tapestry…


These were meant to be circles, but they turned out more like stars. That’s ok. I like them.

The piece is just under 30″ in diameter. I’ve had a few issues with increasing, as in too much. I am hoping that will work out with the next round.


I’m nearly recovered from the cold/flu thing. This stuff really hangs on and is exhausting. Once again, I am grateful for aspirin therapy. Not everyone is ok taking aspirin, but it seems to work for me. The remedy I take is 2 aspirin and 2 1,000 mg vitamin c tablets every 45 minutes for 4-5 doses. I learned this remedy years ago on a site called, so you can look it up yourself if you’re interested. It’s been used to treat dengue fever (wasting disease) successfully in the wilds of India. I used it the first time for H1N1, aka swine flu, which I believe is the same exact thing as dengue fever, just repackaged and renamed for the masses as Bigpharma tends to do. (Per Dr. Jennifer Daniels syphilis and AIDS are the same disease.) For those sensitive to aspirin, L-lysine can be substituted. I’m not all that crazy about aspirin, so will probably get some l-lysine to have on hand.

The past couple of winters I used aspirin therapy when I felt myself coming down with something and it knocked it right out. I wish I had remembered it this time. It would have saved me a week of misery.

H said he also felt like he was coming down with something at work. He told his coworker who gave him a zinc tablet. The zinc tablet worked the same for him as the aspirin therapy used to work for me, knocking the virus right out. The zinc remedy is something the coworker learned from his mother, so it has also been time-tested. I believe I tried zinc years ago but didn’t have great results. But I think I will get some of that to have on hand, as well.

I had forgotten all about the aspirin remedy largely because I’ve been drinking my fermented cabbage juice in an effort to improve my health and really thought it would take care of things.


Obviously, it wasn’t enough. Still, H and I have gotten a lot of benefit from the cabbage juice and we continue to drink it on a daily basis. It’s chock full of minerals, nutrients and pro-biotics. I am seeing good results with the lessening of my candida issues along with removal of parasites. You can find more info about it at the new website.





















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