Repeating history and I told you so…

I am still smarting from the loss of a year-long friendship with someone with whom I had shared a lot. I have always been a loyal and trustworthy friend, and when you reach a point where that is not reciprocated it can be very painful. I’m also not into surface relationships, so this makes finding a good friend pretty darn challenging.

On the crochet front, I’ve started another peacock doily. I wasn’t sure I would, but the idea resurfaced – as did a discounted cake of yarn from wally world.


Aren’t the colors beautiful? I wish yarn was like friendships, you could just pick out the perfect one for you, put a little work and fun into it, and all would be well.


I put “repeating history” in the title because this soured friendship thing has been a lifetime experience. I am ready to be done with it, so am continuing to work on my issues. I have made a fair amount of progress in seeing how I set things up, so that is very good.

While upstairs last night I wanted a simple project, so I threw together some weaving using the black cherry dyed fabrics. I think it turned out very pretty.


Now, for the “I told you so” portion of the post…

I mentioned in an earlier post how cats seem to work out their numbers on their own, without any help from humans. Case in point, Molly has had her kittens, but I’m fairly certain there are no kittens. I suppose they died at some point because when I see her she looks quite relaxed and not really in a hurry to get back to babies, as a new mother would. She is full of milk, but when I’ve glanced at her there were no real signs her nipples are in use.

To be honest, at this point, unless I’m going to have a cat that is specifically meant for the house, I doubt I will ever have another cat neutered or spayed. First of all, the prices they are charging are an absolute rip off, and I do not consent to them being injected with poisons in the form of vaccines which make them sick. Every year pets are killed from bad reactions to rabies vaccinations, let alone the plethora of other shots currently being pushed upon pet owners. (It’s all about money.)

I also don’t care for the potential for karma in this scenario. Imagine as part of your karma coming back in your next life as a pet and being subjected to they types of procedures many animals are put through these days: sterilization, injections, incarceration, drugging, etc… Our local humane society actually posted a meme the other day about how they are encouraging people to catch stray cats and have them “fixed” and injected with vaccines. (I’m sure local vets would love the business!) Then, before the animal is released back into the “wild” they chop off the end of one of its ears! They say this is a sign that “someone loved this cat enough to take it to the vet.” If this really seems humane, then I would encourage everyone who believes in vaccines to ask at their next flu shot appointment that the end of their ear be chopped off as proof they are “safe” to be around. Gives a whole new perspective, doesn’t it, even if you don’t believe in karma?

And, if this type of activity is really about helping animals, then why don’t vets donate their services or even part of their services for free? Because it’s all about money.

Cats serve a purpose, namely controlling the numbers of rodents and other pests. Another case in point are my two indoor cats. They successfully caught and played with to death a very large mouse in our house. They have officially redeemed themselves. (A few months ago they didn’t bother catching a different mouse and I had to set a trap!)


In other news, H and I had a great Sunday meal yesterday. I made a point of thanking the Spirit of the crab for the gift of itself to us. It was delicious.













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