It’s half-price week at my local thrift store. This event only happens twice a year.

I found some really nice clothing to deconstruct and repurpose. From left to right here: a short linen skirt cut on the bias, a linen/rayon? blend machine embroidered skirt, a linen dress suit with a solid dress and print jacket, and a Coldwater Creek 100% cotton jacket which, sadly, does not fit me.



This is a maternity top. I thought the fabrics were adorable. Probably cotton. Very soft.


I saw this ho-hum blazer when I was looking through the jackets section. Then I saw the label: Liz Claiborne. Then I saw the fiber content: 100% silk.



It has some smudge marks and stains on the arms, which certainly don’t matter to me. Otherwise, it’s in perfect shape. I’m sure the stains are why it was donated.

I also chose this 100% linen jacket to use as fabric. Putomayo brand. Shell buttons. Lots of nice detail. Just for grins, I tried it on. It’s a medium, so I didn’t think it would fit. But it did fit. Like a glove. I’m going to keep it to wear.


As you can see, it was missing one button. This is no longer the case. The purchase of the blazer was serendipitous, as the buttons are almost the exact same size as these. I’ve already stitched one on and you can’t tell a difference.

I don’t think this jacket was ever worn. There was tissue paper inside both shoulders and sleeves. Original packaging, I should think.

A few other doodads…


Old thread, lace pieces, a round damask table cloth and a striped handkerchief, probably cotton.

I had photos of the garden and ducks to show you, but one of the duck photos didn’t make it, so I’m going to have to resend. So, I’ll save that post for later.

For now, I’m headed back upstairs to stitch. The silk blazer is already turning into another something…























































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