About an inch long. Found it stuck to my shoe or something. From what plant did this come? It’s like a miniature sunflower.


I don’t have a lot to say today. I thought I’d let the pictures do most of the talking.



The Glen of Cosmos, located next to the Sunflower Forest, has begun blooming.


I was reading about how to take close-ups with an iPhone.


Wouldn’t you know it, you need a $75 attachment to take macro shots, a feature that comes standard on most phones.

You also need proper lighting, which I obviously didn’t have here…


Not every sunflower is photogenic. This one’s actually a mutant…

But most are magnificent…

I’m particularly proud of this guy. Wounded in a storm, fortified with a splint by me, it is now blooming…


I have been dealing with cervical vertigo for over a week now. I further impinged my neck doing some stretches to try and correct a trouble area damaged by multiple injuries.


It has the unfortunate affect of making me dizzy, when standing, sitting, lying down, bending over.


So I guess you could say my perspective of what my normal is has certainly changed. It’s harder to do normal things. Just lying down gives me the spins.


And how about a perspective on aging? My hands look so old to me in photographs these days.

That leaf belongs to the tall sunflower below, which towers over the pool…



I might get that attachment for the iPhone, called an Olliclip. I really do enjoy taking closeups.

Turtle changed her perspective on egg laying recently. She began by refusing to leave the duck house until her egg had been laid – an hour later than usual. Then, a few days ago, she began darting out of the duck house, anxious to get in the yard. I know now she was really just wanting to find a new egg-laying spot.

You can barely make out her bill and tail here…


And the result…

One very perfect egg.

However, I think she may finally be going through her last stages of molt now and I really don’t expect any more eggs from her for a while. Poor thing, she has looked rough for some time now. I noticed today her overall appearance is better and she doesn’t look so stressed out. We’ll see, though. She is a surprising layer.

One last word from Georgie…
































































































2 Comments Add yours

  1. grace Maestas says:

    your Sunflowers are Extraordinary as are the photographs of

    1. June Wildflower says:

      thank you!

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