Maybe I’m back. I’m not really sure. This is the first moment I’ve really had to think about doing anything here on the blog.

The garden is dwindling. I was hoping for a better late season tomato harvest but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. It has been so rainy the tomatoes are splitting and rotting. Most of the yellow pear plants simply died.

I still got loads of okra, which I love. We have been eating a lot of it. Some of the plants are so tall I have to bend them over to harvest pods.

A big part of the garden issue is the soil. Before I converted a big chunk of the back yard into garden it barely grew grass. The soil is so compact underneath the new garden patch I almost suspect the entire back yard used to be a driveway or something. It is very strange. I think the plant roots were only able to go so far before they just starved to death.

I am enjoying the flowers still. The morning glories have been so gorgeous this year.


I guess I’m not back. I just lost two emails full of photos because I accidentally hit archive. And I cannot find them in archive. What a mess. I ‘ll just post what I have and maybe start over another time.

Anyway, H and I were parade judges at a local festival in a very small town. It was our second year doing it. It’s always fun. On the way to their very nice park I saw this sign. I really love it.


Georgie has really become a part of the family. He is Olive’s son.


He is very attached to me and totally in his bratty cat stage. He managed to run into the car last week and has contusions on his lungs. He has been inside ever since. It has gone really well considering he was an outdoor only cat. I am really enjoying his company. He is very sweet and adorable, despite his tendency to hang off the table cloth and curtains!

I have begun stitching again. Just a little.


I found a bag of quilted pieces at the Burden thrift store. I spent $30 there on more sewing supplies like DMC threads. I really like these scraps as they are just the right size of a foundation to just do some simple stitching. It is really good therapy.

The past two months have really put me through the ringer. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, but some lessons are so hard. I have had the experience of being involved with a group of people who weren’t who I thought they were. It has been very disappointing and heart breaking. It’s challenging to come to terms with it all, but life goes on.

Lots of changes at H’s job, too. Things we didn’t even see coming.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer.









2 Comments Add yours

  1. grace Maestas says:

    good to get the news and the stitches take care of things, somehow.

    1. June Wildflower says:

      Thank you Grace. I have so much catching up to do on your blog. I have really been out of the loop. Love to you. D

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