Sort of here…

I’m finally making it back to post a few photos. My life has become very tumultuous of late. Few of the details are germane to this blog, so I will have to keep most of them to myself.

The garden has changed quite a bit, mostly fading with production largely coming to a halt. This color of morning glory, though…produced by a cold spell…OH!!!…


Many of the changes of late have been related to H’s job, and we are beginning to look for a home closer to his office. A month ago his business partner died unexpectedly, so this has catapulted H into a new position with even more responsibility and unforeseen ownership of the radio station where he works. As you can imagine, this has really stirred things up for us, but mostly in good ways. We are grateful for the opportunities which have been presented to us.


This does mean moving back to the county where H and I originally met (in this lifetime, anyway!) But not to the same city which treated us so badly upon our departure from it four years ago. The county does feel like home to us, so this will be a new adventure in a newish town, and put us a bit farther away from both our families.

H was able to hire one of our old friends from our newspaper days to replace his business partner who did a four hour morning show with him every weekday. This has been a very nice development and is working out very well for H and the running of the station. We are glad to have our old friend back.

On a more personal note, one of my goals is to get back in good walking shape. I took these photos at the local park last week.


The bottom photo is one of many root circles of a grove of Cypress trees.

I’ve even been able to do a little stitching…


In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s fall again…
























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