Sun, not rain…

I woke up to sunny skies this morning instead of rain! That’s ok, I’ll take it. I am still planting!

I’m enjoying these sunflowers (?) in the back yard.


When you put off mowing you get to see lots of wildflowers. I have had more butterflies in the back yard this year than I can remember.

Whatever these lovelies are, they are very tall…


I was resigned to let the ducks go yesterday. But after a better night’s sleep, things don’t look so grim. They seem very content today. I also noticed yesterday there was an owl hooting nearby again. I’m pretty sure that rattles them and makes them more clingy.

One of the good things about having ducks is using their dirtied water for the garden. I think it’s largely responsible for the extraordinary health of these potato plants…


Already blooming!

Today is a much easier day and nearly all of my travel preparations are in place. There are still things to do, but not so much as the past couple of days. Today is mostly getting a few more things planted and tidying the house a bit. It’s gorgeous out. I do believe there is rain in the forecast still, but I’m enjoying this while I can.

Back in 10 days or so.

A bientot!



The weather is…


The next four days are supposed to be…


A couple days ago it was super…


When it’s done being cold and rainy, I bet it will be…


In fact, the past two months have been…



Of course, I won’t be here for a week of it, as I head out Friday. I’m actually looking forward to leaving this week behind. My back is really hurting today from all my exertions in the yard the past couple days, and I’m still not done. The duck house has new bedding, sweet potatoes have been planted, more onions were planted, duck water has been changed about a million times, protective barriers have been built around my trellises to guard against both cats and ducks. Frankly, I’m exhausted.

The hardest part is the fact that all the animals have been working against me in one way or another. I’m furious with Chicky (constantly spraying EVERYWHERE) and only mildly annoyed with the others. I had decided this morning to give away the ducks as they are just so much work. I haven’t been able to keep them quiet or clear of all gardening areas and it has begun to seem like too much when so much is going wrong. H has sort of talked me out of it, but I have to admit I’m feeling more than a bit foolish at the moment, having underestimated the work required to take care of even this much.

It is all compacted by the fact I have been sleeping poorly for so long I can’t even remember the last time I slept well.

On a brighter note, I posted a picture of the giant peacock doily on facebook yesterday and have gotten a lot of positive response and kind comments. It really is such a beautiful pattern.

Well, I’m off to go plant some more things, but first I’m making some comfort food. Feeling pretty bummed…

I hope you’re having a better day.





The wind blew my head off…

That’s how it’s felt lately. Too windy for my taste.

This is the first day I have been able to be inside for any amount of time without the ducks (i.e. Turtle) going berserk. Perhaps the wind has calmed them, as well.

Yesterday was more like this…


Not just beneath my chair, but ON my foot. Turtle was completely on my foot for a while, and Yoyo was on my shoe. They stuck to me like glue yesterday, even when I went inside for a moment


I wasn’t sure what was up with them. They weren’t getting in their pool at all. Granted, the water was the color of chocolate milk, but that’s never stopped them before…or so I thought. When I began to empty it out, the smell hit me. Yikes, it was bad. As soon as I started filling it up with fresh water they were in there…and loving the spray nozzle…


Now that they are fully feathered out bath time is different. They really fluff up their feathers so that they look like pinecones. I think it’s to let the water reach their skin…


I had a new arrival in the garden…

butterfly crop

Sooooo beautiful. I had to take the pic fast because Noodle was chasing this one. She whined when I kept nudging her with my foot so she’d miss it.

I am so tired today…again. Allergies? Could be, also interrupted sleep. H wants to go grocery shopping, but I am dreading it. I would rather stay here and stitch. I’d rather stitch and starve. Not really, but I can make do. Shopping means a trip away, a long drive, and gone for a couple hours. Ugh.

I did get out for some errands today. I found this book at the thrift store…


It has some really nice color photos. I thought maybe it would inspire some drawing, or at least help me when/if I draw birds. Or I may just read it.

I also got this old lace tablecloth for $1…


It’s really beautiful and has a nice feel to it. It was much loved, as the stains, holes and worn places suggest. I want to use it for dyeing experiments. It will be hard for me to cut it up, even though I tell myself it has been used.

No stitching to share today, although progress has continued on the giant doily. I did end up buying another skein of yarn, which I know is the wrong size. I don’t think you will be able to tell from afar, so hopefully it will work ok.

I just noticed it’s only Wednesday. *sigh*






Cool and rainy…

It’s cool and rainy today, but I’m headed back outdoors. The duckies are still adjusting to life outside and Turtle throws a giant quacking fit if I disappear…still working on that.

I have been spending hours and hours outside. This weekend I began dreaming of a gazebo… a place where I could sit out of the weather. However, it doesn’t really make sense to purchase anything big when we could be moving…that is still up in the air.

Anyway, maybe it’s because it’s dreary outside that I feel so tired. As a result, I feel too tired to write, so will leave you with a few photos…

No clue what these are, but they are blooming along the back fence…



Wild Shepherd’s purse herb…dried…grows all over the yard…I’m quite fond of this plant and love the little heart shaped leaves along its stems…


I was thinking last night the Heart Pillow project would also make a great purse…




Yoyo says hello…





Ready for the day…

My ducks are in a row…


…literally and figuratively.

By that I mean I got a good amount of sleep, tea is made, lunch is started (my giant sweet potato will take a while to cook), cats are fed, kittens have been checked on and mama fed, computer work out of the way…I’m ready to head outside for some stitching and duck baby sitting. I’ve already heard them quacking.

I finally got back to stitching on the Word Cloth. Sometimes I have to wait for a bit of inspiration.



I suspect the key to my feeling better is last night I got in bed early. I watched the last couple episodes of The Durrells in Corfu (PBS/BBC) and just chilled out. I hardly watch any shows these days, maybe a couple hours a week tops. So, this was a nice treat.

Yesterday I felt kind of fuzzy all day, a bit tired from my exertions the day before. Then I had a weird exchange with an acquaintance over text that kind of threw me, but now I’m feeling more put together, which is a good thing.

I’m off to see the duckies…




T&G are mean girls…

Noodle…calmly sitting by the duck’s pool…looks innocent, doesn’t it?


Noodle…who isn’t afraid of water, or the ducks…who has lurked around the ducks since I got them, been too close to them for comfort…Noodle…who gets in everyone’s face whether they want her there or not…who has pestered everyone in this household within an inch of their life…etc…has possibly met her match.

Yesterday I was eating at my outdoor table, the ducks resting calmly beneath me, when Noodle wandered over and came very close to the ducks. Too close, as it turns out.

Gyrtle hissed at her loudly and made a really ugly face! I think there was some wing flapping, too.

I had never seen her do that before. Neither had Noodle. Noodle, eyes big, mouth slack, was stunned!

Then today, not long after the photo above was taken, the ducks wanted to get back in their pond and, wouldn’t you know, Noodle was sitting there again. Apparently, Turtle didn’t take kindly to that. She eyed Noodle up and down for a moment, stomped up to her behind her back and shoved…yes, that’s what I said…SHOVED Noodle off the step! She didn’t peck, she didn’t nip, she just pushed her right off of there!

Noodle whipped around, eyes even bigger than during Gyrtle’s hissy fit and was, frankly, APPALLED!!! The nerve of that duck! No one has ever treated Noodle thus.

No, Noodle, dear, this is something entirely  new.

Turtle and Gyrtle are mean girls.

I laughed until I cried.

In other news, I am tired today. I have decided today is mostly an inside day, or inside as much as possible. Any moment now the ducks are going to get noisy. They prefer to be out of their pen foraging. I don’t blame them. However, they still have separation anxiety…not as bad as before our talk. But I still am required to be around, within sight, preferably ALL the time. Now, I am allowed to run into the house if I need something and be gone 10 or 15 minutes…maybe…until T&G start up a fuss about me being gone. I usually try to sneak away while their heads are buried in leaves as they search for slugs. Then they might not notice me tip toeing away.

These are blooming in the back yard. I really love them. They remind me of pinwheels…


These are also a good example of why H is not allowed to mow in the back yard…maybe ever this year. If he had mowed they would be GONE.

And here is another reason I am avoiding the outdoors today. This was last night’s sunset…


Perty? No, smoky. It is the annual burnfest where local farmers all get together and try to smoke us out by burning all their fields simultaneously. This favored tradition and general thumbing of the nose at us city folk is due to none of them wanting to practice no-till farming. Because no-till farming is more work and, well, they haven’t been doing that for eons and they got there first and they can do whatever they want…and…don’t get me started.

The smoke laden air and my burning eyes didn’t stop me from getting a couple of photo ops with my new wind chime…




Upstairs, all is well. Say hello to Twobie and Archie. Explanation of those names will have to come later.


I knew they were boys before I named them, before I checked…how about that?

Above them there are now two blooms on Grandma’s cactus. One for each kitty?


Out in the garden some new trellises have joined the tribe…


How is it I would rather build these all day than plant anything?

And, inside, there was more stitching…




I hope you have a lovely day.

New life…

Olive seems very content with her new babies…


So far there are just two. I’m guessing she will have four total, but who knows? I was close to guessing the due date. I had expected them tomorrow.


These babies are gray! No clue who the daddy is, as my boys are darker.

Last night Shane made a startling discovery. Our cats like to climb on the roofs, including the duck house (formerly Chicky’s shed). He peaked out the window after dark because he thought he saw Weanie on the duck house roof. He looked again…uh, it wasn’t Weanie. He tapped on the window and the thing spread out its WINGS and took off. Definitely an owl…poor duckies. H said the owl was peaking in their window. That raspy bird of prey sound I’ve been hearing during the day? I’m thinking definitely an owl. H was aghast.

Whatever it was it had a six-foot wingspan! he said.

The ducks are doing much better again today with their separation anxiety. I was able to come in and throw together my lunch without them having a giant come-apart. They are currently in their pen, which I moved to a new spot.

I’m going to make some more trellises today. I want them to have plenty of shelters to dart under if they need to. Once the plants growing on them get started I can take off the barricades at the bottom. I may just start leaving one gap open so they can run in, kind of like I did here, but in a whole trellis.


I really admire people like Cecilia who handle large farms. I am managing 3 ducks, 6 (make that 8!) cats and a garden and it is kicking my butt. Luckily, I have more energy today than I did the past couple of days. I was able to get some digging done, but there is much more I want to do. I have a lot to plant.

I am very excited about these new additions, as well…

The box of seedlings left/front are from seeds I saved from last year’s tomatoes! I was so happy to see them sprouting, as it had been a while since I saved seeds. The ones in the back box are from Seed Savers Exchange. There is one more package of seeds I would like to get from them that no one else seems to have: borage. But, first things first…P.S. I believe they are offering FREE shipping this month!

A new heart started on the Heart Pillow…


Now, off to let the duckies loose and dig some more ground!