Another repeat day…

It’s cold and rainy…again…

Lucky for me the ducks are doing better with their separation anxiety, so I have managed to be inside most of the day without too much noise from them.

I made rissoles for the second time today. Here is the first batch…


They are pretty good. H and I nearly demolished that entire plate above in one sitting. We were eating and H’s comments were kind of like this…mmmmm….these are good….what did you call these? cannoles?…(me) rissoles, from The Kitchen’s Garden blog…mmmmmm….I really like them….mmmm….I could eat that whole plate….mmmmmm….what did you call them? pirogies?…No, rissoles!

Looking at the recipe again I realize I forgot to roll them in flour today. They still turned out just fine, although a little goopy. The potatoes were really glutinous for some reason, perhaps because they are late season and sprouting.

Anyway, I needed something different to eat as I’ve been on a pretty basic diet for a couple weeks now, I think. My diet basically consists of vegetables cooked or raw, a bit of fruit, rice, potatoes, oatmeal for breakfast and meat one time or less per day. Pretty skimpy, but I am losing weight and feeling better.

Yesterday I cheated. It was shopping day and I was SO hungry. I decided to stop at Arby’s and had a turkey sandwich and curly fries. The sandwich isn’t such a bad choice, but on the way home I felt this feeling come over me and I realized that was the way I used to feel every day…just a basic kind of bad all over. It made me realize how much better I feel on my new but very basic diet. I have also had to cut out nuts completely, which is a bummer, because they were making some things worse. It took cutting them out of my diet to realize it.

I’m also cheating with a bit of 70% dark chocolate, but I figure that’s my reward for doing the shopping yesterday, which I had been dreading.

The giant doily I began is on hold while I work up the determination to rip out the last bit I worked, which is a major bit, and I don’t want to do it. But, if I don’t do it the doily will be really lop-sided because the new yarn is worsted, but a smaller weight and won’t match the existing yarn. Ugh.

Instead, I started a new project…of course…

pink start


I want to add a third element and am thinking about this…


My feet are cold because, as I mentioned, it’s cold and raining…again. I’m going to go put some socks on and then I’m going to sit down and stitch for as long as my life (meaning the cats and the ducks and H) will let me!

Enjoy your weekend.





Honey dreams…

We were at Costco the other day and guess what they are selling?

Beehive kits!

I told H I really wanted one…he continues to remain in a state of disbelief.

You have cats AND ducks and you want bees, too?

Well, yes, yes I do. (And a dog, in case you forgot!)

Yesterday we were in the backyard and I pointed to the ground.

See, I’ve already started my hive!


The look of shock on his face was priceless. He’s such a city kid!

In efforts to change my diet, I’ve taken a cue from Cecelia.


I’m not a huge fan of salads…all that lettuce, dressing, denying myself croutons…

But I am loving this cornucopia of fruits, nuts and veg. Why didn’t I ever think of doing this? I’m on day 3.

I’m hoping to do more stitching today. There’s not a lot else on the agenda and it’s beautiful out.

Here’s a look at the word cloth, stitched when it was, well…




Look what I did…


I didn’t mean for it to happen.

I didn’t plan for it to happen.

It just happened

Seriously, it was an innocent trip to Orscheln (pronounced Orsh-lin here because no one knows how to say Orscheln. They simply call it Tractor Supply in Oklahoma!)…Orscheln, the only store in town that just happens to have a giant sign outside that says:

Chick Days!

Upon entering the store, I made a beeline for the seed displays. That is, after all, why I went there…for seeds, yes, for seeds. Really. I probably ignored the peeping sounds coming from the opposite corner of the store, which seemed to bounce off the rafters and fill up every space…for a good 7, well, maybe 5 minutes. Anyway, as long as it takes to pick out half a dozen seed packets.

Finally, I gave up. It wouldn’t hurt to look.

And, I did look…longingly at the chicks…more longingly at the only five ducklings they had, whose breed was simply the mystery of “Hatchery Choice.”

I looked, I left, I went to the cashier, paid for my seeds intending to get in my car and drive away…but started asking questions about the ducklings.

What kind are those? When will you get more? etc…

“I don’t know if we’re going to get any more ducklings in,” the nice lady at the register told me honestly. “We ordered 600…and we got 15. They got here this morning, and ten of them already sold.”

That’s all it took. The thought of going another year without ducklings, of losing my chance to try my hand at duck management… duck mommyhood…whatever…was more than I could bear.

I turned tail and headed back to the chirping section, wrangled three fuzzy brown quackers into a chick box, grabbed feed, watering tray, etc…and brought them home.

H doesn’t even know yet.

I managed to move them into my bathroom last night after he fell asleep. They were out in Chick’s shed (he’s been kicked out, poor thing, but it’s warmer…) but it was way too cold last night for ducklings. I kept checking the temperature, but it would not do. My bathroom is cold, too, although really the nicest place in the house…H says it looks like a hotel, but I think it’s better than that. I really didn’t want ducklings in my bathtub…although wouldn’t it be fun to see them every time I went in there…and wouldn’t they get to know me faster and, perhaps even bond a bit… but, needs must. I snagged a reliable space heater, cranked the house heat to 75, and put the electric blanket underneath their box on High. It worked. They lived through the night.


It’s not that I’m hiding them from H. I had an upset stomach last night which was a perfectly legitimate – if not totally forthcoming – excuse for me to keep the space heater going all night in my cold, cold bathroom…just in case I had to dash in there, I wanted it to be warm. Well, I did.

By morning it was obviously too warm, so temperatures were lowered and all is well. They’ve even had a bath and played in a tub of water.

I am the first to admit the decision was hasty, and that I had not done my homework when setting up my duckling’s home. I did do a bit of speed reading on a getting started with ducks post on a backyard chickens site. I had to do a fair amount to get them settled and later realized this watering tray was WAY too big for right now, so that’s been changed, too.

H still doesn’t know. I’m guessing I will have to confess when he gets home. Actually, now I’m curious to know how long it will take before he notices something is different

In my own defense, he promised me ducks AND chickens AND a chicken coop last year…and none of it came to fruition. So, I was perfectly justified in taking matters into my own hands. Right?


Anyway, in other news…I made H homemade scones last night, so if he fusses about the ducks…after all we may be moving…soon…I’m trying not to think about that part…I’ll just remind him how delicious those English cheddar cheese and date scones were…and wouldn’t he like some more? There are leftovers, sweetie. We even have more bacon…


Also, I scrubbed his toilet and shower this morning. I’ve earned brownie points.

I’ve never made scones before. Or, if I have, it’s been too long ago and I’ve forgotten. Of course, if they’d been this good, I would never have forgotten. I paid $3.50…or some other outrageous fee…for a raspberry scone at an Oklahoma tea shop last weekend and these were hands down waaaaayyyy better. Thanks for the recipe, Cecelia!

Well, I have other things to do, so I can’t stay on here for long. I have a duck tub to clean out and ready for tomorrow, along with some more indoor water adjustments to do…ducks drink a lot of water! I am currently tea dyeing some miscellaneous laces, tattings and fabrics and must tend to them. Also, I really need to get some seedlings started…time is flying.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s already…











Birds, bees and…ducks…

The past week has felt like spring.


I’ve had a few bees buzzing around me in the backyard, likely in search of blossoms. (That’s a photo from last spring.) The only thing I’ve seen blooming so far is shepherd’s purse which is an herb that has a little white globe-type blossom. But after nearly an inch and a half of rain last night I suspect early flowering plants will be popping out all over.

It seemed like it was possibly building up to rain when I was on my walk around  Path last night. (I got 3 miles in!) But I don’t pay attention to forecasts, they change so much anyway, and I wasn’t expecting it. It had been so long since I had heard thunder, I didn’t recognize the storm rolling in a few hours later.

Last year H was not allowed to mow in the backyard for a long time…not that he minded, as he is not a fan of mowing. But I wanted to see what all would grow there and what all would bloom. I couldn’t believe how many dandelions and other flowers we had…it was like a carpet with the bees swarming all over them. This year there will be even less mowing, as I am using more space for gardening. We’ll see if any of it comes to fruition…H is looking for jobs elsewhere.

The birds and bees signaling spring have me thinking about…ducks. I’m getting some! I wanted some last year, but I stalled. Actually, I bought 9 beautiful ducklings last spring when visiting a former acquaintance, but in a very complicated situation in which I had to leave quickly I was unable to take them with me. They were all left behind, and I was very sad about it. Once home, I couldn’t find the kind of ducks I was looking for: Muscovy. I’m hoping to get a few here when the local farm supply starts selling chicks and ducklings. I might get a few chicks, too.

Here is Buggar, surrounded by the dandelions…


Even though the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter, we’re obviously marching along towards spring. I don’t listen to those silly predictions anyway. I listen to the birds. They are singing about spring all over the place. I have the front window open and have been listening to their delightful songs this morning. Now, if I could just beam myself to the country some place and be surrounded by those song birds, that would be ideal…

Stitching was completed on Two Hearts and gifted to H. He promptly ran out and purchased a frame for it. I thought that was very sweet.


I got the red linen backing on after the bulk of the stitching was done. I don’t have a lot of that lovely red, so I removed what wouldn’t show.


Even though I had pinned the decorative bit down, when I put the edge stitching around it a sort of bubble was created. Once I got the final backing on I had to invisible stitch the front down, sliding in between layers. Halfway through the second edging I realized the thick perle cotton thread I was using was just too bulky. I’m not a big frogger (ripping stitches out) but this had to go. A thinner thread looked much better.


A couple closeups…

It didn’t take too long to get it framed. I decided to use fabric for the backing. I had plenty of that shiny red/blue to spare.


I wasn’t sure why I included the silver silk shantung, other than it was a nice contrasting bit of color. It did make sense in a sort of I Love You way…and then H pointed out how it looks like a “KU” theme…his favorite basketball team…which happens to have these colors. It really does look like KU sports gear. Kindof funny how that turned out.

As usual, the weekend went by too fast. We did, however, enjoy some good meals. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, which was nice. But this meal at home – pasta with sweet potato puree – was a highlight.


I really didn’t have a plan going into it, but suddenly a pasta dish sounded really good. Here’s how I made it:

I boiled 1/2 a package of Farfalle (bow tie) pasta (250g/9 oz) with 3 cloves of garlic. I grated just over 1/2 cup of Piave Italian cheese, similar to romano or parmesan. I chopped up a handful of fresh basil (from my plants I wintered over upstairs…I’m so glad I did that!) I drained the pasta, removed the garlic and mashed it in a large mixing bowl, then added 1 Tbsp butter along with the other ingredients. Plus about 3/4 tsp. pink sea salt.

I had warmed up a very large sweet potato earlier, which I had with butter for breakfast, so I scooped out the rest and in a separate bowl I mixed it with a little salt and 1-2 Tbsp goat cheese. I kept thinking it would go really well as a topper for my pasta… and it did! We drizzled olive oil over the top, which added a wonderful nutty flavor.

The combination was really lovely. We enjoyed it immensely…along with a bottle of San Pelegrino mineral water, which seemed only fitting.

Wishing you good meals with true loves…