My ordinary day…

I saw a (derogatory) meme on FB the other day.

It was basically poking fun at people who sit around all day taking pictures of themselves doing normal things that everyone else does, but posting the photos on FB as if they are something original. Not that I’m a super FB fan or anything, but I always find it funny that some people who think FB is a total waste of time would take valuable time out of their day and lower themselves by commenting on something that is so beneath them. Ironic, don’t you think?

Maybe the same thing, or something similar, could be said about blogs. I take a lot of very ordinary photos of my ordinary life and post them here. I do so because I feel like someone out there might find my ordinary days interesting. After all, we’re not really all doing the same exact thing or living the same exact way. So, here are some snaps of my very dull, unoriginal, ordinary life…

Like the coconut banana bread I just made…yum…


And the new flower buds on the Christmas cactus that I am super stoked about…


And a picture of me and Weanie cuddling the other day…


Super boring, eh?

Among other ordinary things…today is the first day I have felt free of the flu! I think the 11 hours of sleep probably helped! And all the vitamin C I took yesterday…2,000 mg every 50 minutes for 6 or 8 doses. Aspirin therapy the previous 2 days helped tremendously, especially for that kind of virus that can just drag on. Although, I have used it to nip a cold in the bud, too. Yesterday I was feeling better, but had ZERO energy. Today I was able to wash dishes and straighten up the kitchen a bit (it had been driving me nuts!), make banana bread, as mentioned, take some photos, do some computer work, etc… I feel like I’m getting my life back!

The thing is, I like reading about other people’s ordinary lives and seeing photos of their ordinary days. It’s the main reason I stay on FB. The way some people live and what they experience is so totally different than any of my days, so I like peeking into their lives. This morning when I finally woke up, I made tea then got back in bed to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs. Very normal things were happening on them, but at the same time very fascinating things. I enjoyed my blog reading enormously.

On the stitching front, H thinks this is funny…


It’s my couch pile. It’s full of sewing and crocheting and all sorts of things. It tends to grow like a mountain and I haven’t bothered cleaning it off in a while. However, I did clean out two very nice sewing baskets I was mainly using for jewelry and plan to use them to get my sewing things organized. It’s a challenge because I’m skipping from one project to the next a lot of times and I use different materials. Having everything in one or two places probably isn’t going to happen. But, I’m going to try my best to have some sort of organization going on.

Here’s progress on Bluebirds. And stitching on a new piece.

Bluebirds looks less busy through the camera lens, but I know I’m overthinking it and this piece was meant to be about not overthinking. I’m trying to think about finish work. I did add the top and bottom borders, I’m just not sure whether to leave them plain or add something. I was really liking the squares, but it feels too busy.

And one more photo from my very ordinary life…the little fireplace we brought down from the upstairs room and put in my bedroom. It is keeping me toasty warm at night, and I am loving it.




A few favorite things…

Yesterday I spent some time sewing together bases, or something. I cut up strips of colored cloth and sewed them onto little squares of knit interfacing. I used the machine. I wasn’t sure if it was interfacing at first, not until I ironed the pieces. Yep, interfacing. Fusible. I’m glad I sewed to the appropriate side!

I’m not sure what I will do with these, but sometimes it just helps to get some things moving. I like to start new things. Sometimes it takes a while to decide what to do on a particular existing piece, what is the next move, so at the moment I have several things sitting. I look at them, try to decide, try to let it flow…

Here’s a new project begun yesterday…

There are the squares of interfacing. Most of them are gone now. Fusible knit interfacing became my favorite when I was making clothes. I’m not so interested in making clothes these days, even though I’ve got loads of fabric left over from my sewing days. So much fabric…I went through one of those jumbo size tubs full of fabric yesterday, pulled some of it out to sew onto the interfacing squares. I have so much fabric. I collected a lot in my crazy quilting days, a lot of synthetics. How will I ever use it up?

One of the things I want to do is cut up the unfinished crazy quilt blocks I’ve had lying around for years, cut them into smaller blocks, and use some of these bigger fabric pieces for the backing. But, that’s a new project yet to be started.

In my efforts to improve my drawing skills I purchased a jumbo size artist’s pad. It’s way too big for my simple efforts, not what I was really looking for, but the whole pad was $2.50 on clearance. Not long ago I saw little books made by textile artist Dorothy Caldwell and her workshop students. (I’d love to go to one of her workshops.) As a writer, this immediately appeals. I found examples in one of the blogs listed on Spirit Cloth, but can’t remember which one. I tried looking, but need to take a little more time to find it. Anyway, I loved her idea for using these little homemade diaries, which can become soil examples, color swatches of earth on paper. Ingenious. I’m just going to make one for drawing, or whatever, and these folded pages came out of the jumbo pad, cut in half lengthwise and folded accordion style. I’m a writer, so if it’s like my other drawing books, it will probably end up with a fair amount of writing in it. I might make a cover for it. I was considering that last night. I think it would be really nice. I have some cover-type things already made up which I could use.

I’ve mentioned before my love of rescuing pottery from thrift stores. I found this beautiful bowl earlier this month for $3.


It’s in my sewing room, holding some trim to be dyed.

And this one was from a different town. The seller had 4 of them, two big, two smaller. I bought a large one. $10. Made by a local artist who is probably gone now. I wish she had signed it.

I love it. It’s so earthy and gorgeous. I may go back and get another one. I don’t know why, but this bowl/canister makes me think of black walnuts. Perhaps the brown, perhaps the thick wrapped layer like a protective hull, the round shape, the heftiness of it.

I love this one, too. $5 at an antique store in the same town where I bought the previous bowl/jar. This one’s more like a stoneware pot. I really love this one. It has such a fabulous feel, is very earthy and rustic. The lid snuggles in perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made by the same artist as the one above. I suspect there was an estate sale at some point in time.

Maybe I’m a ceramic pot hoarder? These pottery pieces are a few of my favorite things. I don’t even have a use for these yet. I’m still thinking, deciding how best to use them. I’m close, though, I can feel it. Close to figuring it out. What would like to live in there, how would the pot like to be of use? What does it want to hold?

Now, if I could just decide what to do with cloth. Why isn’t this process easier? Learning something new is never easy, I guess, not really. Maybe some things just have a different learning curve. I was thinking last night about the freeform coat I made when I first began crocheting. It’s fabulous. It really did come together so easily. I made one small headpiece before I jumped into making a whole coat. I’ll devote a whole blog to it some time, it’s that fabulous. I’m also thinking about selling it, as it’s really not me any more. Still fabulous, but not really me. I’ve changed.

Then there was needle tatting. I watched a couple videos, watched one over and over just to get the hand movement down. And soon after I could copy antique tatting and reproduce it. I understood it. It came easily to me.

And before that was embellished embroidery. During a class I once showed students over and over again how to make a bullion rose, how to make a French knot. They could not understand. They couldn’t see. In the last tatting class I taught, which was like torture, really, the only two people to really understand how to make stitches and slide them off the needle were two girls, sisters, who weren’t really all that interested in being there, but they caught on fast. Their old bat of a grandmother was there, “helping” them. She tried to take over the class from the start, was uncooperative, kept talking while I was instructing. I told the girls how well they were doing, that, because of their progress, they could “help” their grandmother, but she couldn’t help them. Gma didn’t like that, but the girls cackled with glee, said “Yay!” Gma didn’t slide a single stitch off her needle the entire night. She actually hid her stitches from me when I asked to see her progress. Gma wasn’t interested in learning. She just wanted to be in charge.

There were other snafus in that series of tatting classes last year which have made me pledge never to teach beginners again. It takes too much time to get down the hand movement which blows right through a couple hours without the students making much progress or learning how to actually make something, form a ring, make a Josephine knot, form a picot, etc… If I’m asked to teach another class it will be for those who already understand the basics.